Spartans! Prepare For Glory!

Sunday, April 08, 2007

I wasn't planning to write anything about the NCAA Frozen Four championship game between Boston College and Michigan State, even though the Eagles are a regional team that play about an hour from my southern New Hampshire home, but seeing the highlights on ESPN a few minutes ago reminded me that Michigan State uses "Spartans" as its nickname and mascot.

Big deal, you say? You're probably right. But for somebody who has seen the movie 300 twice and felt like screaming random battle cries ever since, this was huge. It doesn't matter that I neither know nor care about hockey - I'm just excited that I got to use the title you see above.

The only way this could possibly have been more exciting is if I was actually the Michigan State coach. At the very least, I would have entered the locker room before the final and screamed, "SPARTANS! Tonight, we dine, IN HELL!" Then I would've kicked somebody into a big hole in the ground.

Oh well. Whatever he said and did must've worked fine. Michigan State trailed 1-0 before scoring midway through the third period, then won it with a goal in the final twenty seconds. You can read more about it at The Q is for Quality, if you are so inclined; he's a UNH fan who has followed the tournament (and completely whiffed on his predictions for the semifinals, but we won't hold it against him).

(Because this post is all about me, the above photo has no relation whatsoever to either team in the final. It's a shot of the UNH team, my alma mater and 2007 first round loser, celebrating its semifinal victory over Cornell in 2003.)

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