Keyshawn Is Trying To Catch Up To Emmitt

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Missed Countdown this morning but luckily there were a good number of you that were watching. You were watching as the most awkward segment ever took place. I'll let reader SP explain.....

You know how Bob Ley sends it over to the idiots for a short spot before countdown? Well, they did their awards for the Midseason in that rapid fire format where they all give one word answers followed by awkward silence after each answer because there's zero thought involved and then boomer making a lame joke after each question.

Well, this two minute segment included the following "f ups":

- A graphic saying "defensive player of the year" being displayed as they started to make their mvp picks
- Keyshawn Johnson calling Albert Haynesworth "Wadsworth"
- Ditka actually having to correct berman when he was reading off one of the categories (followed by berman predictably making a joke about da coach picking his "FUUUMBLE!!!!!")
- Keyshawn basically repeating all of Ditka's picks which he does during the rapid fire stuff about 80% of the time

In short, it was awesome. I love me a good train wreck, unfortunately I think Emmitt's afraid to speak anymore. He gives one word answers on everything and shuts up)
I don't think there's a better word to describe that group of individuals other than "Trainwreck". I caught the very end of the program, and before they were giving their picks Berman was fumbling for the records and gave this gem....
"Uh Keyshawn is, uh 189-41."- Chris Berman
Uh, That's a lot of games think it's maybe 89 and 41? If you come across any other NFL quotes throughout the day email them to me at Enjoy the day folks!

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When talking about a Cleveland sack on Roethlisberger, Phil Simms said the Brown was smart to not try to take him out by the legs, because "If he stayed low, Roethlisberger would have slapped him like a child."

Nice, now we know why Chris is so jittery.

Anonymous said...
Nov 11, 2007, 3:50:00 PM  

i saw that segment and considered emailing you. dont know if you left this out of the post or didnt know about it, but berman's mistake was for best rookie, he said something like, "ok, best rookie...this one should be obvious", then the graphic came up and said best rookie other than adrian peterson. ditka looked at him for a second and then said like, "well, you meant to say other than peterson, right?" it was ridiculous. the worst part of the segment though, in my opinion, was both ditka and keyshawn took favre for mvp. when it got to tom jackson, he just looked at them like they were idiots and said, "brady". i mean favre is having a good year, but come on.

Anonymous said...
Nov 11, 2007, 11:05:00 PM  

Keyshawn was a great wide receiver.

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