Mardona's Hand Of God Goal Has Competition, The Penis Goal!

Monday, November 12, 2007

I hope words like Penis, Groin, and Crotch do not offend you. If so, just go ahead and skip this post. The man you see above these lines is Mario Gomez who plays for Stuttgart of the German Bundesliga. Mario took an interesting approach in finishing off a cross from a teammate that gave League Leaders Bayern Munich it's first loss of the season.....

Coincidentally, that's exactly where Mario Gomez was hit by Ludovic Magnin's cross the following day. Stuttgart's striker was trying to head the ball but almost missed it completely. Somehow it bounced off his groin area and into Bayern Munich goalkeeper Oliver Kahn's net. Asked to locate the exact body part later on, Gomez was a little embarrassed. "Somewhere between the thighs and the belly," he volunteered gingerly. "Bollocks," thought all those who had seen the goal - but they were wrong. When pushed further, the slightly flustered striker admitted using his "middle-thing". "It's big and it was hurting," he smiled.
Ladies and gentleman, I would like to introduce into evidence Exhibit A of Penis Goal!

Huzzah Mr. Gomez! You are an international hero!!!

Gomez's low blow has Hitzfeld on the ropes (Guardian Sports Blog)

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