The Pammy Awards Week 11

Monday, November 12, 2007

Thanks for sticking with me all day Saturday and coming up with our best group of ten ever. Thanks to dumpster diving, lingerie, and Sherry Blackledge we've got our winners! These were tough to rank so I'm leaving it in your hands to make a case for your favorite in the comments.

The Pam Ward Chronicles Week Eleven

10. "That was a free play. The third down play was a free play for Tress because he knew if he didn't hit it on fourth down he was gonna go for the first down."- Bob Griese

9. "That's their largest bulge in the game" - Eric Collins (Via Mookie)

8. "Lingerie on the field!" - Verne Lundquist, after Knowshon Moreno scores for Georgia. (ViaS2N)

7. "Now they've lost a 14 point lead again a highly aroused Florida State team."- Bill Curry

6. "That's a big kid." - Mike Patrick
"Yeah." - Todd Blackledge
"That's a Todd Blackledge kind of body." - Mike Patrick
"That is not. No. Sherry Blackledge probably wishes that was a Todd Blackledge body."- Todd Blackledge
(Via The Unreliable Narrator)

5. "You can't return a muff."- Dave Pasch

4."If I'm Georgia, I'm gonna ride my hot guy right now." Gary Danielson (Via Gangsta D)

3."He would have had to pull a Louganis to avoid diving into Cox." - Verne Lundquist, as a UGA player gets called for roughing the passer. (Via S2N)

"The Cavaliers come in here, and they're like, you know, your uncle that shows up to a party and has too much, and ends up putting the lampshade on his head."- Mark Jones (Via Charles)

"You know the best advice I've heard all season is to avoid Hospital dumpsters."- Chris Spielman

You never disappoint me Chris. Others may but you keep giving! And if Gary Danielson wins this thing after all the work you've put in (and we giving him a positive review before the season) Chris, I don't know what I'm going to do!

Here are the standings after eleven weeks........

Gary Danielson (47)
2. Mike Patrick (43)
Chris Spielman (42)
4. Brad Nessler (40)
5. Pam Ward (29)
6. Lee Corso (28)
7. Dave Pasch (26)
8. Bob Griese (23)
9. Verne Lundquist (20),
10. Pat Haden, Paul Maguire (19)

Others Receiving Votes: Andre Ware (16), Ray Bentley (16), Mark Jones (16), Bill Curry (12), Craig James (11.5), Tim Brandt (11), Brent Musburger (11), Dave Lapham (10), Gerry Dinardo (9), Dave Lamont (9), Lou Holtz (9), Tom Hart (8), Ed Cunningham (8), Todd Blackledge (7), Mellissa Knowles (7), Thom Brennaman (7), Sean McDonough (7), John Saunders (6), Quint Kessenich (6), Holly Rowe (5), Charles Arbuckle (5), Mike Tirico (4), Dan Fouts (4), Doug Flutie (3.5), Desmond Howard (3), Jim Donnan (3), Erin Andrews (3), Eric Collins (2) Jim Kelly (1)

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#3 should clearly have been the winner

matt said...
Nov 12, 2007, 3:10:00 PM  

What can I say, Spiels eats aborted fetuses.

GMoney said...
Nov 12, 2007, 3:50:00 PM  

The only reason Spiels wins is because the video of Lundquist and Danielson really can't be converted to quote form. That was the most disturbing thing I've ever seen.

Anonymous said...
Nov 12, 2007, 5:57:00 PM  

Wow- just discovered this site...very good stuff. But I have to ask, is this owned by Pheel Seems? There are 30 AAs listed as receiving votes, and yet the bumbler from the Giants and CBS is NOT among them??? He should TOP the list. Granted, Nantz, with that velvet voice, sounds pretty smooth (if not substantive) and can cover a flaw or two in his redneck partner, but please!! Pheel has never paired a subject with a predicate. And that Mister Moose voice, the incessant stammering, the goofy NASCAR accent, the inability to articulate a cogent thought without running on and on....why is he not the KING of AAs?? I live in New England, home of arguably one of the premier NFL teams in the last few years. Yet it seems half our games are announced by this doofus who makes Jethro (Jed Clampett's nephew) sound like Winston Churchill. I know it's only football, but Gawd! If it weren't for the audio delay, I'd hit mute and listen to the radio broadcast. So now I watch the Pats handily win 52-6, and I'm so agitated from trying to decipher what this bufoon has muttered for 3 hours, I still want to kick my dog. I hereby start the "Draft Pheel" campaign. He's the king of the AAs.

critter said...
Nov 13, 2007, 11:10:00 PM  

"you can't return a muff" is very accurate and correct terminology using NCAA football rules.

Anonymous said...
Nov 17, 2007, 2:24:00 PM  

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