ESPN/ABC's 2008-2009 NBA Schedule

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

ESPN and ABC have a whopping total of 90 games (72- ESPN, 18- ABC) starting on October 29th at 8 pm with the Suns and Spurs. The big winner for the ESPN lottery this year is the Boston Celtics which received the max number of games allowed on both networks with sixteen appearance. The Lakers, Cavs, Suns and Spurs each have fifteen and the Mavs are alone in fifth place with fourteen.

Other highlights include: The Hornets getting 12 games (great decision there), A Christmas Day doubleheader featuring San Antonio at Phoenix and Boston at the L.A. Lakers, A Doubleheader on Friday, Oct. 31 that features the debuts of Derrick Rose and Greg Oden, and a Rose-Michael Beasley matchup on Friday, Dec 26th.

Here's the schedule....all games are on ESPN unless otherwise noted....

Wed., Oct. 29

Phoenix at San Antonio (8pm)
L.A. Lakers at L.A. Clippers (10:30pm)

Fri., Oct. 31

Chicago at Boston (8pm)
San Antonio at Portland (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 5

Chicago at Cleveland (8pm)
Denver at Golden State (10:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 7

Miami at San Antonio (8pm)
Dallas at Denver (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 12

Utah at Washington (8pm)
Houston at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 14

Denver at Boston (8pm)
Detroit at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 19

Dallas at Houston (8pm)
Chicago at Portland (10:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 21

Houston at Washington (7pm)
New Orleans at Oklahoma City (9:30pm)

Wed., Nov. 26

Orlando at Philadelphia (7:30pm)

Fri., Nov. 28

Miami at Phoenix (8pm)
Dallas at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Fri., Dec. 5

Portland at Boston (8pm)
Toronto at Utah (10:30pm)

Wed., Dec. 10

Cleveland at Philadelphia (8pm)
Phoenix at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Fri., Dec. 12

New Orleans at Boston (8pm)
Houston at Golden State (10:30pm)

Wed., Dec. 17

Boston at Atlanta (7pm)
San Antonio at New Orleans (9:30pm)

Fri., Dec. 19

L.A. Lakers at Miami (8pm)
Cleveland at Denver (10:30pm)

Thu., Dec. 25

New Orleans at Orlando (Noon)
San Antonio at Phoenix (ABC, 2:30pm)
Boston at L.A. Lakers (ABC, 5:15pm)

Fri., Dec. 26

Chicago at Miami (5pm)

Wed., Jan. 7

Miami at Denver (9pm)

Fri., Jan. 9

Boston at Cleveland (8pm)
Dallas at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Wed., Jan. 14

L.A. Lakers at San Antonio (9pm)

Fri., Jan. 16

New Orleans at Cleveland (8pm)
Orlando at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Fri., Jan. 23

Dallas at Detroit (7pm)

Sun., Jan. 25

Dallas at Boston (ABC, 1pm)
San Antonio at L.A. Lakers (ABC, 3:30pm)
Houston at Detroit (6:30pm)

Wed., Jan. 28

Golden State at Dallas (9pm)

Fri., Jan. 30

Boston at Detroit (7pm)
Golden State at New Orleans (9:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 1

Cleveland at Detroit (ABC, 2:30pm)

Fri., Feb. 6

Denver at Washington (8pm)
Golden State at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 8

San Antonio at Boston (ABC, 1pm)
L.A. Lakers at Cleveland (ABC, 3:30pm)
Phoenix at Detroit (8pm)

Wed., Feb. 18

Denver at Philadelphia (8pm)
L.A. Lakers at Golden State (10:30pm)

Fri., Feb. 20

Washington at New Jersey (8pm)
New Orleans at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Sun., Feb. 22

Boston at Phoenix (ABC, 2:30pm)
Miami at Orlando (5:30pm)
Detroit at Cleveland (8pm)

Fri., Feb. 27

Milwaukee at New Orleans (7pm)
Cleveland at San Antonio (9:30pm)

Sun., March 1

Detroit at Boston (ABC, 1pm)
L.A. Lakers at Phoenix (ABC, 3:30pm)
San Antonio at Portland (8pm)

Wed., March 4

San Antonio at Dallas (9pm)

Fri., March 6

Cleveland at Boston (8pm)
Denver at Utah (10:30pm)

Sun., March 8

Phoenix at San Antonio (ABC, 3:30pm)

Sun., March 15

Dallas at L.A. Lakers (ABC, 3:30pm)
Phoenix at Golden State (9pm)

Wed., March 18

Miami at Boston (7pm)
Detroit at Houston (9:30pm)

Sun., March 22

Houston at San Antonio –or– Miami at Detroit [game selection is TBD] (ABC, 1pm)

Wed., March 25

Boston at Orlando (8pm)
Utah at Phoenix (10:30pm)

Sun., March 29

Dallas at Cleveland (ABC, 1pm)
San Antonio at New Orleans (8pm)

Wed., April 1

Houston at Phoenix (10pm)

Fri., April 3

Cleveland at Orlando (8pm)
Houston at L.A. Lakers (10:30pm)

Sat., April 4

Detroit at Philadelphia (3pm)

Sun., April 5

San Antonio at Cleveland (ABC, 1pm)
Phoenix at Dallas (ABC, 3:30pm)

Wed., April 8

Washington at Cleveland (7pm)
Utah at Dallas (9:30pm)

Fri., April 10

Washington at Toronto (ESPN2, 8pm)

Sun., April 12

Dallas at New Orleans (ABC, 1pm)
Boston at Cleveland (ABC, 3:30pm)

Fri., April 15

Houston at Dallas (8pm)
Denver at Portland (10:30pm)

(TNT's 2008-2009 Regular Season Schedule)

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WOW! Mark Jackson did NOT get an NBA coaching job -- hhmmmmm! Go figure!
What idiots thought he was a lock for the Knicks? ROFLMAO

Anonymous said...
Aug 6, 2008, 2:35:00 PM  

Bully for New Orleans.

/Deadspin Troll from Today

Anonymous said...
Aug 6, 2008, 3:55:00 PM  

A lot of Cavs/Celtics games...I like it.

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Aug 6, 2008, 4:09:00 PM  

Have you ever thought about using the "read more" option that most sites feature?

It would really come in handy for lengthy list posts like these that take up nearly the whole home page.

Just curious.

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J- For some reason the template I use doesn't support them. I've tried multiple times to add the feature but it doesn't work.

I'll give it a shot again in the near future though.

Aug 6, 2008, 5:57:00 PM  

you can add the html code from a third party to your template

I use Blogger, too, and that's what I did.

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Aug 7, 2008, 2:00:00 PM  

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