ESPN's College Football Kickoff Week Schedule

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

No announcers have been assigned as of yet, but I thought I would pass along the first full ESPN/ABC College Football schedule. Kickoff Week starts August 25th with College Football Live and our first game is the clash of the titans between Vandy and Miami U. Dari Nowkhah will be studio host in Atlanta with Robert Smith and Trevor Matich and Rece Davis will lead from Los Angeles with Mark May and Lou Holtz. As previously posted, Gameday will originate from Atlanta for the Alabama-Clemson game, but you can expect a bunch of other shows to originate from the city as well that entire week. Pay attention to the "reverse mirror" info at the bottom and I'll fill in the announcers when I get word.

Also, The Pam Ward Chronicles will be back in full force that week and better than ever. I'm searching for a new logo if anyone is good with photoshop email me, but other than that we're ready to go. It's almost here people!

Here's your schedule....starting making compromises with the ones you love post haste....

Mon., Aug. 25

College Football Live (ESPN, 3:30pm)

Tue., Aug. 26

College Football Live (ESPN, 3:30pm)

Wed., Aug. 27

College Football Live (ESPN, 3:30pm)
College Football Live (ESPN2, 7pm)

Thur., Aug. 28

College Football Live from Atlanta (ESPN, 3:30pm)
College Football Live Kickoff Special (ESPN, 7pm)
Vanderbilt at Miami-OH (ESPNU, 7:30pm)
Jacksonville State at Georgia Tech (ESPN360, 7:30pm)
Charleston Southern at Miami (ESPN360, 7:30pm)
N.C. State at South Carolina (ESPN, 8pm)
Oregon State at Stanford (ESPN2, 9pm)

Fri., Aug. 29

College Football Live from Atlanta (ESPN, 3:30)
Temple at Army (ESPN Classic, 7pm)
College Football Live (ESPN, 7:30pm)
SMU at Rice (ESPN, 8pm)

Sat., Aug. 30

College GameDay from Atlanta (ESPN, 10am)
Virginia Tech vs. East Carolina from Charlotte (ESPN, Noon)
Syracuse at Northwestern (ESPN2, Noon)
Bowling Green at Pittsburgh (ESPNU, Noon)
Utah at Michigan * (ABC, 3:30pm)
USC at Virginia * (ABC, 3:30pm)
Delaware at Maryland (ESPNU, 3:45pm)
Appalachian State at LSU (ESPN, 5pm)
Mississippi State at Louisiana Tech (ESPN2, 6:45pm)
Boston College vs. Kent State from Cleveland (ESPNU, 7:30)
Alabama vs. Clemson from Atlanta (ABC, 8pm)
Michigan State at California (ABC, 8pm)
Illinois vs. Missouri from St. Louis (ESPN, 8:30pm)
Prairie View at Texas Southern (ESPNU, 10:30pm, Delay)

Sun., Aug. 31

Jackson State vs. Hampton (ESPN2, 2pm)
Kentucky at Louisville (ESPN, 3:30pm)

Mon., Sept. 1

College Football Live from Los Angeles (ESPN, 3pm)
Fresno State at Rutgers (ESPN, 4pm)
College Football Live (ESPN, 7pm)
Tennessee at UCLA (ESPN, 8pm)

(*- “Reverse Mirrors”: As many as 13 (up from eight last year) Saturday afternoon windows will feature innovative coverage in which ABC’s regional telecasts are also offered regionally on ESPN or ESPN2 to markets that are getting another game on ABC. For example, on August 30, ABC will televise Utah at Michigan and USC at Virginia at 3:30 p.m. ET. ESPN2 will “reverse mirror” ABC’s coverage, televising Utah at Michigan in markets receiving USC at Virginia and USC at Virginia to the parts of the country receiving Utah at Michigan.)


I've been craving a Lou Holtz pep talk!

GMoney said...
Aug 6, 2008, 12:07:00 PM  

Oh boy. Two buffoons and some smarts from late August to sometime in January. Whopee.

Bring back Keith Jackson said...
Aug 6, 2008, 1:04:00 PM  

SU - Northwestern SCREAMS Pam Ward.

Russianator said...
Aug 6, 2008, 2:45:00 PM  


ssreporters said...
Aug 6, 2008, 3:53:00 PM  

and USC-UVA screams Paul Maguire! Woo-hoo!

Anonymous said...
Aug 6, 2008, 6:40:00 PM  

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