Your College Basketball Announcing Schedule For The Week Of 11/17

Monday, November 17, 2008

We're officially in the midst of the College Basketball Season, and more importantly ESPN's ridiculous (but awesome) "Tip Off Marathon". Are you ready for 23 straight hours of Basketball starting tonight at Midnight?!?! I know I'm not, but I will be watching. Here is your schedule and as always, thanks to the work that The 506 puts in on these. Sorry for the holes in spots, but there's just no way to come up with announcers from FS Ohio and Altitude for every game. If you have something or someone to share, please add it or them in the comments....

Monday, November 17th

Preseason NIT: Eastern Michigan @ Purdue (ESPN2, 7pm)- Brent Musburger, Steve Lavin
Preseason NIT: Loyola (MD) @ Boston College (ESPNU, 7pm)- John Rooke, Ron Perry
New Jersey Tech @ Penn State (BTN, 7pm)- Mike Crispino, Tim Doyle
Hartford @ Connecticut (Big East Network, 7pm)- Bob Picozzi, John Celestand (Will also air on WCTX, SNY)
Miami (OH) @ Pittsburgh (Big East Network, 7pm)- Michael Reghi, Dave Kaplan (Will also air on FS Pittsburgh, Altitude, CST)
Toledo @ Xavier (FSN Ohio, 7:30pm)- Brad Johansen, Steve Wolf
Jacksonville @ Georgetown (Big East Network, 7:30pm)- Jason Knapp, Mark Tillmon (Will also air on MASN)
Mount St. Mary's @ Virginia Tech (CSN Mid-Atlantic, 8pm)- Brent Harris, Charlie Woollum
North Texas @ Oklahoma State (Cowboy Sports, 8pm)- Chad McKee, Bryndon Manzer, Jeff Bowen (Will also air on FS Southwest)
Chattanooga @ Missouri (Mizzou Sports, 8pm)- Dan McLaughlin, Jon Sundvold (Will also air on FS Midwest)
Sam Houston State @ Texas Tech (Texas Tech TV, 8pm)- Dave Shore, John Harris (Will also air on FS Southwest)
Haskell @ Northern Arizona (FS Arizona, 8:30pm)- TBD (Will also air on FCS Pacific)
Preseason NIT: Mississippi Valley State @ Oklahoma (ESPNU, 9pm)- Jon Sciambi, Fran Fraschilla
Oakland @ Oregon (OSN, 10pm)- Joe Giansante, Rob Closs (Will also air on CSN Northwest)
Preseason NIT: Florida Atlantic @ Arizona (ESPNU, 11pm)- Dave Pasch, Len Elmore

Tuesday, November 18th

Massachussetts @ Memphis (ESPN, Midnight)- Brad Nessler, Jimmy Dykes, Jeannine Edwards
Fresno State @ St. Mary's (ESPN, 2am)- Terry Gannon, Stephen Bardo
Idaho State @ Hawaii (ESPN, 4am)- Joe Tessitore, Mark Adams
Pennsylvania @ Drexel (ESPN, 10am)- John Saunders, Bob Valvano
Liberty @ UNC-Asheville (ESPN, 2pm)- Dave Barnett, Bob Wenzel
Centenary @ Baylor (ESPN, 4pm)- Bob Wischusen, Doug Gottlieb
CBE Classic: Richmond @ Syracuse (ESPN, 6pm)- Dave O'Brien, Doris Burke
IUPUI @ Indiana (BTN, 6:30pm)- TBD
Preseason NIT: UGA/LOY-CHI winner v. PUR/E MICH winner (ESPNU, 7pm)- Jim Barbar, Dickey Simpkins
UT-Martin @ Tennessee (SportSouth, 7pm)- TBD (Will also air on FS Florida)
Preseason NIT: STJOHN/CORN winner v. LOY-MD/BC winner (ESPN2, 7:30pm)- Sean McDonough, Bill Raftery
Texas Southern @ Cincinnati (FS Ohio, 7:30pm)- TBD
Detroit @ Western Michigan (FS Detroit, 7:30pm)- TBD (Will also air on FCS Atlantic)
Tulane @ Texas (FS Southwest, 8pm)- TBD
SIU-Edwardsville @ Wisconsin (BTN, 8:30pm)- TBD
Kentucky @ North Carolina (ESPN, 9pm)- Dan Shulman, Dick Vitale, Erin Andrews
CBE Classic: Florida Gulf Coast @ Kansas (ESPNU, 9pm)- Dave Armstrong, Reid Gettys
Idaho @ Gonzaga (KHQ, 9pm)- Greg Heister, Craig Ehlo (Will also air on FS Northwest, FCS Pacific)
Preseason NIT: DAVID/JMU winner v. OKLA/MVSU winner (ESPN2, 9:30pm)- Jon Sciambi, Fran Fraschilla
Arizona State @ San Diego State (CBS College Sports, 11pm)- TBD
Preseason NIT: UAB/S CLA winner v. F ATL/ARIZ winner (ESPN2, 11:30pm)- Dave Pasch, Len Elmore

Wednesday, November 19th

Niagara @ Villanova (ESPNU, 7pm)- Quint Kessenich, John Celestand
Charlotte @ Appalachian State (MASN, 7pm)- TBD
Nebraska @ Texas Christian (CBS College Sports, 8pm)- TBD
Emporia State @ Kansas State (FS Midwest, 8pm)- TBD

Thursday, November 20th

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: Fairfield v. Virginia Tech (ESPNU, 10:30am)- Doug Sherman, Fran Fraschilla
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: Missouri v. Xavier (ESPNU, 12:30pm)- Doug Sherman, Fran Fraschilla
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: Chattannooga v. Memphis (ESPN2, 4:30pm)- Jon Sciambi, Hubert Davis
2K Sports Classic: Southern Illinois v. Duke (ESPN2, 7pm)- Dan Shulman, Doris Burke
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: USC v. Seton Hall (ESPNU, 7:30pm)- Jon Sciambi, Hubert Davis
Illinois @ Vanderbilt (SEC TV, 8pm)- TBD (Will also air on FS South)
Southern Utah @ Florida (SUN, 8pm)- TBD (Will also air on SportSouth)
Stetson @ Florida State (FS Florida, 8pm)- TBD
Delaware State @ Ohio State (BTN, 8:30pm)- TBD
2K Sports Classic: Michigan v. UCLA (ESPN2, 9pm)- Dan Shulman, Dick Vitale

Friday, November 21st

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: FAIR/VA TECH loser v. MIZZ/XAVIER loser (ESPNU, 10am)- Doug Sherman, Fran Fraschilla
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: FAIR/VA TECH winner v. MIZZ/XAVIER winner (ESPNU, 12:30pm)- Doug Sherman, Fran Fraschilla
2K Sports Classic: S ILL/DUKE loser v. MICH/UCLA loser (ESPN2, 5pm)- Dan Shulman, Doris Burke
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: CHAT/MEM loser v. USC/S HALL loser (ESPNU, 5pm)- Jon Sciambi, Hubert Davis
Paradise Jam: LaSalle v. Connecticut (Big East Network, 6pm)- TBD (Will also air on WCTX)
2K Sports Classic Championship Game: S ILL/DUKE winner v. MICH/UCLA winner (ESPN2, 7pm)- Dan Shulman, Dick Vitale
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: CHAT/MEM winner v. USC/S HALL winner (ESPNU, 7pm)- Jon Sciambi, Hubert Davis
Akron @ Pittsburgh (Big East Network, 7pm)- TBD (Will also air on FS Pittsburgh, SNY)
Vermont @ Maryland (CSN Mid-Atlantic, 8pm)- TBD
Pepperdine @ New Mexico State (Aggie Vision, 9:30pm)- TBD (Will also air on Altitude)
North Carolina @ UC-Santa Barbara (ESPNU, 10pm)- Steve Physioc, Jay Williams
Notre Dame @ Loyola Marymount (FS Prime Ticket, 10pm)- TBD

Saturday, November 22nd

Delaware State @ Kentucky (Big Blue Sports, Noon)- TBD (Will also air on FS South)
Georgia Tech @ Mercer (FS South, 1pm)- TBD
USC-Upstate @ South Carolina (SportSouth, 1pm)- TBD
Drexel @ Georgetown (Big East Network, 1pm)- TBD
Alabama-Birmingham @ Old Dominion (CSN Mid-Atlantic+, 4pm)- TBD
Coastal Carolina @ Florida State (FS Florida, 7pm)- TBD
Wisconsin-Milwaukee @ Marquette (TWC Sports, 8:30pm)- TBD (Will also air on SNY, MASN)
Minnesota @ Colorado State (MTN, 10pm)- TBD

Sunday, November 23rd

Puerto Rico Tip-Off: 7th Place Game (ESPNU, 10:30am)- Doug Sherman, Fran Fraschilla
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: 5th Place Game (ESPNU, 12:30pm)- Doug Sherman, Fran Fraschilla
Montana @ Duke (FS South, 1pm)- TBD (Will also air on NESN)
New Hampshire @ Penn State (BTN, 2pm)- TBD
St. Bonaventure @ Rutgers (Big East Network, 2pm)- TBD (Will also air on SNY)
Jackson State @ Illinois (BTN, 4pm)- TBD
Pepperdine @ Arizona State (FSN Regional, 4pm)- TBD (Will also air on FS Arizona, Prime Ticket, FCS Pacific)
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: 3rd Place Game (ESPNU, 5pm)- Jon Sciambi, Hubert Davis
Oakland @ Iowa (BTN, 6pm)- TBD
Paradise Jam: 3rd Place Game (FCS Pacific, 6pm)- TBD
Puerto Rico Tip-Off: Championship Game (ESPN2, 7:30pm)- Jon Sciambi, Hubert Davis, Fran Fraschilla
Paradise Jam: Championship Game (FCS Pacific, 8:30pm)- TBD


The MTN saturday night games will be announced by Rich Cellini and Dave Bollwinkel.

Dixon Leavitt said...
Nov 17, 2008, 5:48:00 PM  

I'm actually pumped for Vermont @ Maryland Friday. Gonna be working the Matt Hahn homecoming (now an Assistant Coach at Vermont).

Anonymous said...
Nov 17, 2008, 6:11:00 PM  

Dave Bollwinkel? "Hey Rocky, watch me pull a rabbit outta may hat!"

And a loud FUCK YOU to Comcast for not have ESPNU on all their systems. here's hoping that Disney comes to their senses and makes them put ESPNU as a must carry.

JamesCraven said...
Nov 17, 2008, 6:14:00 PM  


You might be better served just posting the weekday stuff on Monday [Mon-Thur], then the weekend stuff on Friday [Fri-Sun].

A lot of the sites don't put up their game notes (which is where a lot of this information comes from) until the day before the game.

Anonymous said...
Nov 17, 2008, 7:43:00 PM  

FYI - All Tennessee men's home games on SportSouth (Including Tuesday night's) are called by Randy Smith and Bill Justus.

Brian said...
Nov 17, 2008, 11:11:00 PM  

Bazooka, you work at UMD? I just graduated, I was with WMUC radio...

...also don't forget Mike Longeran, UVM's head coach was an assistant under Gary.

Scott said...
Nov 18, 2008, 12:50:00 AM  

I don't know if anyone's ever noticed, but Erin Andrews is quite attractive.

Anonymous said...
Nov 18, 2008, 1:54:00 AM  

anon @ 1:54

You, sir, are and idiot :/

Anonymous said...
Nov 18, 2008, 2:05:00 AM  

What is this Big East Network and why isn't it carried on Direct TV?

Anonymous said...
Nov 18, 2008, 9:07:00 AM  

alan - They're still on ESPN+, just branded different. All the Big XII games are going to be branded as 'Big XII Network'

Here's an update for tonight:

IUPUI/Indiana - Mark Neely, John Laskowski
UTM/Tennessee - Randy Smith, Bill Justus
Texas Southern/Cincy - Michael Reghi, Anthony Buford
Detroit/WMU - Dan Dickerson, Dugan Fife
Tulane/Texas - Kevin Eschenfelder, Chris Plonsky
SIU-E/Wisconsin - Craig Coshun, Jim Jackson, Jay Taylor

Anonymous said...
Nov 18, 2008, 10:21:00 AM  

Did anyone just notice the color guy (his name slips me) on the ESPN studio set say the host got a facial??

Brian said...
Nov 18, 2008, 8:21:00 PM  

Steve Lavin, that is.

Brian said...
Nov 18, 2008, 8:27:00 PM  

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