Keyshawn Johnson Now Has A Reality Show

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

There are some things you just can't make up. ESPN Analyst Keyshawn Johnson is getting his own reality show on A&E, and you'll never what it's going to be about. Go ahead....I'll let you take a few guesses. Football? Nope. How to get him the "damn" ball? Nah. Well does it have anything to do with Sports? Actually no. Make sure you're sitting down for this....

Interior Design.

Seriously. I'm not even remotely kidding. The show, called “Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design”, will premier in 2009 and will air as as a part of A&E's Saturday lineup, "The Big Fix". Here's your official press release....

"Sports fans are aware of Keyshawn's formidable skills on the field, but will be completely surprised by his talent as a designer. The fact that he is really trying to get his interior design business off the ground perfectly fits with our real life brand where we capture the real lives of extraordinary people," said Robert Sharenow, Senior Vice President, Nonfiction and Alternative Programming, A&E. "In the current real estate market, 'Sell This House' is even more pertinent than ever, because it demonstrates how to get the most out of your investment in your home."

Outspoken NFL veteran wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson may be known best for his play on the field, but now he's putting a completely different set of skills to the test in "Keyshawn Johnson: Tackling Design." Furniture, fabric and finishings used to be just a hobby, but with his football days behind him Johnson's wide-receiving now has more to do with fitting furniture through the front door of a house. Will clients take this former pro-athlete seriously as an interior designer? The ten episode half-hour series follows Johnson as he tries to make a name in the world of interior design. And given the pressures and personalities, Johnson's famous temper is sure to be put to the test.
I don't even have something clever or cute to say right now. I'm shocked....SHOCKED! I mean, I know he won a fashion award recently, but this is just out of nowhere. I think I need a nap because my mind is straight blown right about now.

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