Emmitt To Writer Jeff Pearlman: "Keep Selling Books"

Monday, September 08, 2008

First thing yesterday morning a flood of emails came in telling me that I just HAD TO find video of Emmitt Smith on Outside The Lines. I missed the program at the time, but I finally tracked it down this afternoon. The discussion is all things Dallas Cowboys and the guests were Emmitt, Dallas Morning News columnist Jean-Jacques Taylor and ESPN Page 2 writer Jeff Pearlman.

After touching on Adam Jones the conversation turns to Pearlman's book on the Cowboys of the 90s and how the team will basically sign anyone regardless of character issues. Emmitt decides to take offense to it and then finally lays into Perlman for singling out his former team. Oh and make sure you stick around for Emmitt's parting shot to the author at the very end....

Awkward! I think both brought up good points, but Emmitt went a tad overboard with the homerism there at the end. Everyone does deserve a second chance people and if you have a problem with it remember "that is just the system that we live up under".

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I assume Emmitt never realized that Pearlman wrote exactly about the same book in regards to the Mets of the '80s.

Anonymous said...
Sep 8, 2008, 2:59:00 PM  

Maybe someone should also tell Emmitt that his "All 22" makes no sense at all.

GMoney said...
Sep 8, 2008, 3:13:00 PM  

Emmitt's argument really starts to peter out at the end when he wants TO to be recognized simply for NOT acting like a punk.

Reminds me a little of Chris Rock's old bit regarding certain types of individuals vs. certain other types of individuals -- i.e. "I take care of my kids!!" or "I ain't never been to jail!!"

KeiferNandez said...
Sep 8, 2008, 3:28:00 PM  

I do not believe anybody wanted TO out of the league except maybe some Iggles fans. Who did? Bueller... Bueller.... Anyone... Anyone?

Anonymous said...
Sep 8, 2008, 3:52:00 PM  

Anybody knows what "up under" means?

Eric said...
Sep 8, 2008, 4:48:00 PM  

Actually, I pulled an Emmitt. Does anybody "know" what "up under" means?

Eric said...
Sep 8, 2008, 4:49:00 PM  

Too funny. I was surprised by Emmitt's final barb, because it wasn't like we actually disagreed on anything. To be honest, he's just mad that someone (me) has the nerve to write a book about the '90s Cowboys—and didn't even need to talk to THE Emmitt Smith. Oh, well.

-- Jeff Pearlman

PS: Love this site, by the way.

Jeff said...
Sep 8, 2008, 6:05:00 PM  

solid find AA

World of Isaac said...
Sep 8, 2008, 6:55:00 PM  

I have to wonder if Emmitt has ever bought a book. And by "book" I mean one with more words then pictures.

Bentcorner said...
Sep 9, 2008, 12:25:00 PM  

Emmitt is a stand up guy and was protecting his (Cowboys) family like any of us would.

DJAY said...
Sep 18, 2008, 9:34:00 AM  

Protecting them against what, the truth? Emmitt Smith isn't a Cowboy anymore. In fact, he's not even a football player. He now makes his money talking. He is a professional sports commentator. He didn't sound too professional with his parting shot direct Jeff Pearlman. Actually, he just sounded stupid.

Bentcorner said...
Sep 18, 2008, 9:41:00 AM  

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