Your Week Two Pammy Quotes (We Need Your Votes!)

Monday, September 08, 2008

So last week when I broke out the Week One winners, there was a lot of fuss over which quote belonged at which spot in the top ten. Well, I'm putting an end to all of the controversy by now leaving the decision in the hands of the people. That's right, every Monday you will have anywhere from ten to twenty quotes to pick from and your votes will decide our weekly winner and ultimately the grand champion. There were a ton of ones to choose from this weekend, but I've narrowed it down to a solid eighteen.

I'll have the winners and new standings up tomorrow and be sure to cast your vote at the bottom (give it a second to load from Poll Daddy). Here they are in no particular order....

The Pam Ward Chronicles: Week Two

1. "I tell you what. If I was a bartender, I'd give you no more to drink."- Lou Holtz to Mark May

2. “He’s tired tonight. He did a Soccer game in Dallas last night. It was exciting, there was actually a goal in that game.”- Sean McDonough

"Tony Romo, not available today for Eastern Illinois."- Dave Pasch

"Doing things off the field, whether that's pool parties or swimming days."- Ian Allen

"Mike Enyon made headlines when he won the lottery. $250,000"- Pam Ward
"That's a lot of pizza to buy for him and his buddies at Ohio University"- Ray Bentley

6. "How do you ask your girl 'hey baby do you want to go to the game' and then take her up to the rock? I mean it's not like you got privacy up there"- Mark Jones
"They are certainly enjoying themselves."- Bob Davie

7. "And they [Washington] have to go for it here, they can't give it back....oh wait, it's third down, sorry." - Petros Papadakis
"Thought you knew something, huh?" - Barry Tompkins
"Yeah, I thought I did. I must have gotten screwed up when he changed the down marker." - Petros Papadakis

"Yeah, let it wing."- Ray Bentley (Via Bazooka Jones)

9. "When it goes wrong, you gotta bring the butter."- Rick Walker

10. "Superman does it again, but the Joker hung tough for a while."- Brent Musburger

11. "In a summer of Batman and Iron Man, we go to my other partner Cart Man."- Brad Nessler

"Can I rent you for New Years Eve, you know your useless information"- Pat Haden to Tom Hammond

13. "That's two for Virginia Tech, they'll have a third and five."- Mike Patrick while calling the ECU-WVU game

14. "A pickup of 14 moves the change for A&M." - Joe Beninati

15. "Better take that rifle away from the Mountaineer."- Mike Patrick after WVU turned it over on downs

"It's like the little engine that could. I think I can I think I can...First Down! Move the sticks for the first time in the history of young Robert Marve's career moves the 'Canes into an opportunity to have another opportunity to a set of downs."- Kirk Herbstreit

17. "This is the biggest event here since the Stones. Well sometimes you get what you want, and sometimes you get what you need."- Mark Jones

18. "They are having a hard time getting to the Quarterback because of his elusivity."- Ray Bentley (Via Bazooka)

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This one should be a runaway...I hope.

stephen said...
Sep 8, 2008, 5:02:00 PM  

Yeah, this week is easy.

I must say, I was tempted to vote for Sean McDonough because even though I'm a soccer fan, that was a funny joke.

jfein said...
Sep 8, 2008, 5:09:00 PM  

Wait, was that a poll where the voters did not get to see the current results? I like that!

Pip said...
Sep 8, 2008, 5:13:00 PM  

The accompanying video clip to #6 would absolutely sway the voting.

Anonymous said...
Sep 8, 2008, 5:16:00 PM  

AA, any thoughts on Spielman doing Siragusa-like analysis on Saturday for the OSU game? I actually liked it.

GMoney said...
Sep 8, 2008, 5:24:00 PM  

Gotta be #9...

Lammy742 said...
Sep 8, 2008, 6:48:00 PM  

if musburger doesnt win this ive lost faith in humanity

jonny said...
Sep 8, 2008, 7:20:00 PM  

Sean McDonough for the win.

Corbin said...
Sep 8, 2008, 7:33:00 PM  

Bentley was the leader in sheer numbers by far this week, I think. But it was a really tough call between 9 & 10 for best of the week.

(Thanks for the link, AA)

Anonymous said...
Sep 8, 2008, 8:11:00 PM  

Just think, this week marks the debut of Lundquist and Danielson !

jg said...
Sep 8, 2008, 9:50:00 PM  

I think Mike Patrick is on there twice. That's ok, I voted for him anyway.

Winks said...
Sep 9, 2008, 10:39:00 AM  

That was hard between #13 and #16. What got into Kirk?? Another set of downs???

blue67ccm said...
Sep 9, 2008, 12:38:00 PM  

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